(28*) Mazzer Kony VS Mazzer Robur

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Confused about choosing between Mazzer Kony or Robur? on this page we will present you a comparison between the Mazzer Kony vs Mazzer Robur, we will review the catch, from the general to the most specific so that you have a good decision before buying, make sure you read the comparison that we present to you

Conclusion: Mazzer Kony vs Mazzer Robur

The Kony Electronic Mazzer is designed for those who like the advantages of an electronic grinder but with a smaller usage capacity. Different from Mazzer Robur Electronic, Mazzer Kony Electronic offers features that are no less great even with the use of consuming medium. Suitable as a loyal friend of the espresso machine in your coffee shop. Even so, this electronic grinder is not designed to be playful. Using a conical burr that has been tested with a ventilation system that works well makes it preferred even though it comes at a more economical price. Don’t ask about the grind. Because this elegantly designed grinder with a distinctive clean look gives precise results with a proven consistency with its 63 mm conical burr.

Mazzer Kony VS Mazzer Robur
Find the difference between Mazzer Kony and Mazzer Robur, there are about 28 keys that can be used as a differentiating reference
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Mazzer Kony:

The Kony S was created to bring out the best in your coffee. Mazzer’s innovative design features finely machined components and cutting-edge technology. It has 63mm conical burrs and runs at a low speed of 420 rpm at 50Hz and 500 rpm at 60Hz. Kony S has great dosage uniformity and ergonomics that are designed with baristas in mind. This is an excellent option for medium-to-high-volume eateries.

Mazzer Robur:

The Mazzer Robur S is a conical burrs grinder that bartenders who deal with high daily volumes and workloads prefer. 1s/5g @50Hz, 1s/6g @60Hz is the average grinding speed. Dosing consistency, homogeneous coffee grounds, low retention, and superior ergonomics functionality are all features of this product.

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✔ Consistent dosing
✔ Fast grinding
✔ Precise adjustments
✔ Hands-free cradle
✔ Precise dosing
✔ Adjustable motor speed
✔ Easy to service
❌ Slightly noisy
❌ Requires regular cleaning
❌ Microswitch slightly fragile
❌ Long dosing time
❌ Cradle not universal
❌ Expensive
Mazzer Kony
Mazzer Robur
* Specification (12)
Country of Origin
Dimension Height
Dimension Width
Dimension Depth
AC Input Voltage
AC Input Frequency
Grinding Mechanism
Number of Grinder Setting
Rotational Speed
Burr Type
Burr Material
Coffee Beans Capacity
Adjustable Grinder Settings
Cord Storage
Built-in Dispenser
Built-in Display
On/Off Switch
Pulse Function
Removable Bean Hopper
Easy to Clean
Non-slip Feet
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